All companies wishing to work on a regular basis and following fire safety standards and any other emergency situation need to adjust the safety standards to obtain this document.

It is a set of structural, technical and organizational measures that aim to prevent accidents and ensure that the building does not pose a risk to the occupants.


AVCB – Inspection of Fire Department.

It is a document issued by the Fire Department of the Military Police of the State of São Paulo (CBPMESP) and certifies that during the survey, the building had the conditions of fire safety and other risks that may exist in the building.

The AVCB is of extreme importance for the operation of the establishment, since it certifies that the place is able to function and is within the safety standards of the Fire Department.

This certification is charged in case of claims by insurers and they may refuse to pay for the damages caused if the company is in an irregular situation regarding the AVCB.

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