In order for a company to be able to operate in Brazilian foreign trade, it must be enabled in the SISCOMEX (RADAR) system.

The Integrated Foreign Trade System – SISCOMEX is a computerized instrument, through which government control of Brazilian foreign trade is exercised.

This system allows the registration of operations of natural or companies who wish to export or import, either for their own account, or for account and order or order from third parties.

Qualification in Siscomex is one of the stages prior to customs clearance.

SISCOMEX integrates the activities of 23 government agencies that are involved in Brazilian Foreign Trade, among which are: Federal Revenue Secretariat, MAPA Ministry of Agriculture, ANVISA, IBAMA and Federal Police Department.

The Brazilian companies and foreing companies established in Brazil interested in importing or exporting must adapt to the desired business and prepare the necessary documents so that it can request its registration in SISCOMEX.

The requests are made according to the size of the company and its operational capacity, these will determine the modality of the authorization that can be: Express, Limited or Unlimited.

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