SISCOSERV is an accessory obligation, created and controlled by the Brazilian Government through the Ministry of Development and Foreign Trade (MDIC) and RFB (Federal Revenue Service) of Brazil, for individuals and Companies established in Brazil when carrying out purchase, sale of services and other operations that result in changes in equity.

The interest of the government with this obligation is to know the profile of imports and to promote exports of services from Brazil.

The obligation to declare these operations began until 2012 , according to the activity of companies or individuals, established / resident in Brazil, who carried out operations involving payment or receipt to companies or individuals established / resident abroad.

Failure to comply with this obligation, or late fulfillment, with omission or errors is subject to a fine, being cumulative per calendar month and per operation performed.

We can make the SISCOSERV Records for companies or develop training for your team, always adjusted to your need.

Some examples of mandatory services to perform SISCOSERV:

  • International air, sea and road freight;
  • Use of credit card legal entity abroad, such as payment of hotel accommodation, consumption in restaurants abroad etc;
  • Receipt and payment of advice, provision of services in general, commission of representative;
  • Franchise agreements;
  • Financial operations.

Check here if your service is among those that have to declare the Siscoserv: http://www.mdic.gov.br/arquivos/dwnl_1390305290.pdf

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